Monday 25 February 2013

Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror Review (Playstation)

Broken Sword 2 follows the story of a Mayan god trapped inside a mystical Smoking Mirror. George Stobbart and his journalist girlfriend Nico once again find themselves tied up in a plot of murder, intrigue and mystery that could bring about the end of the world.

Graphically, the game remains much the same as the previous installment, no bad thing as the cartoon graphics compliment its style well. The interface hasn't changed much since the Shadow of the Templars either. Now however, there is the added bonus of being able to use the Playstation mouse.
Unlike in the previous title you now take control of both George and Nico. This may sound like a good thing, but in actuality tends to drag the game down. The problem comes because playing Nico is just so dull and players will be desperate to get back to George's much funnier dialogue.

While the story cannot hope to live up to the partially fact based account of its prequel, it nevertheless does create an interesting tale full of twists and turns. Unfortunately, the puzzles can range in quality. Certain sections more than live up to the design perfection of Shadow of the Templars, but others feel tired and lack invention.

Furthermore, certain chapters seem to have no direct purpose in moving the plot forward. These sections, while they don't appear often, drag an enjoyable story into the realms of the dull. There is also too much reliance on characters from the previous game showing up. While this allows for some light relief, it also highlights what is lacking in other parts of the title.

To sum up, what you get is basically more of the same in terms of puzzles and gameplay. If you loved the first Broken Sword, there is a lot of charm to be found in this second installment. It’s just a shame that genuinely excellent sections of the game act to show up other poorer areas. Nico's sections are particularly uninspired. Despite its faults, Broken Sword 2 remains a charming and intelligent game that will keep you interested until you uncover the mystery. With a bit more inspiration though, it could have become another all time classic.



  1. Meh, this doesn't sound too great.

  2. It's a good game when you are playing as George. It's the other bits that don't quite work.