Monday 1 February 2021

Technos Collection (Evercade Review)

Now owned by Arc Systems, Technos is most famous for Double Dragon and the Kunio-kun series of games. Basically, anything that involves bashing people with weapons and things that happen to be lying around in the street. It’s a back catalogue that seems like a smart fit of the Evercade and this first collection from the company certainly has some highlights.

There are eight games here in total with seven of them coming from the companies NES back catalogue and Super Double Dragon being the lone Super Nintendo offering. As SNES games go though it’s certainly not a bad one to include. The original cart is very expensive now and this is the first time it has appeared on a system since its initial launch all those years ago.

The game itself is pretty solid as well. It’s quite a technical brawler with different types of kicks and punches available and a parry and counter system also in play. The only real downside with it is the fact it moves along quite slowly and there is a lot of repetition in terms of the enemies that you face. That said, it is well worth playing and it looks absolutely gorgeous with the detail of the levels and sprites rivalling the best the system had to offer.

The other Double Dragon representation comes in the form of the original two NES games. The first game is quite different from the arcade with added maze sections and some different levels. Players also have to level up their character in order to pull off more moves. It’s an odd but fun game that is severely helped by the save state system.

Double Dragon II remains the highlight of the NES trilogy and seems to hold up just as strongly as it did back when first released. It’s up there with the best the NES had to offer in terms of brawlers with varied levels, decent graphics and a solid move set. It’s Well worth seeking out for fans of the series.

Renegade and the highly regarded River City Ransom also make this first collection. Using a less refined version of the system used in Double Dragon II, Renegade is fairly entertaining but is really showing its age in terms of how basic and unforgiving it is and is one for the hard core and history loving fans only. River City Ransom is yet another highlight though with the mix of brawling and light RPG elements still able to create an engaging and interesting take on the genre. It does require some grinding but is packed full of charm and small touches that newcomers and old fans alike will be drawn to.

The rest of the package is rounded out with oddball sports games. Street Challenge is a kind of urban version of track and field which is never quite as fun as the concept suggests, while Super Dodge Ball is hounded by flickering sprites and slowdown that can make an otherwise entertaining game a real chore to play. Once you get used to the controls, Super Spike V’Ball has a decent amount of fun on offer though the later pairings are almost psychic in how they anticipate your moves. Also, this is one game that would really benefit from a two player option to get the most out of it.

Overall, the Technos collection is a solid addition to the growing Evercade line up. Most of the games are solid and the inclusion of the SNES version of Double Dragon will catch the eye of collectors. There’s three really good games on here and the others fill out the package well. It’s a worthy addition for brawler fans – even if it is a bit odd to have a Double Dragon collection without Double Dragon 3 and actual Arcade based version of the game on it. Now, I wonder who has the rights to Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team?


Game Ratings

Double Dragon                                                                    3/5

Double Dragon II: The Revenge                                        4/5

Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge                              2/5

River City Ransom                                                            4/5

Super Dodge Ball                                                              3/5

Super Spike V’ball                                                            3/5

Super Double Dragon                                                       4/5

Renegade                                                                          3/5

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