Monday 17 June 2024

Storyblock: The King Review (Switch)

There’s no shortage of puzzle games on the Switch so games need something new to standout. Storyblocks came with promises of an engaging story and alternating paths, so we were keen to pick It up. Sadly, the reality it somewhat less exciting.

The basic concept of Storyblocks is that you need to build paths from one area to another. You are presented with sort of floating islands and then need to use all the allotted path pieces to take you to another one. This advances the story to the next section.

The puzzle part comes from the fact you need to use all your allocated pieces before you can proceed. So, if you can connect from island to island with ten tiles but have been given twelve then you need to think about the shape you need to make. Some levels also have multiple routes you can go which will give you different bits of the story to read. Unfortunately, the puzzling isn’t particularly gripping.

The problem is that this is really all there is. The basic premise of the game never changes or evolves and it’s pretty light in the first place. There’re no special tiles and nothing really changes in terms of the game relating to terrain or the type of route you take. Even some animation relating to your character traveling around and facing the various challenges presented in the story would have helped.

It’s also not helped by how difficult it is to place tiles at times. Angles can be difficult to gauge and some kind of locking on feature would have really been helpful. There’s also no touch screen support either, so don’t expect to be placing things by hand.

Overall, Storyblocks: the King is a nice idea but it’s so incredibly under cooked that it’s hard to get engaged with. There are so many things that could and should have been done to improve the experience and what we have seems like a tech demo rather than a full game. Hopefully, a more fleshed out version of this concept will come later as there’s certainly some potential here.

Overall 4/10

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