Monday 20 May 2013

Nun Attack Review (PS Vita)

Nuns. The source of all that is good and holy apparently. In Nun Attack, they do a lot more than charity work and looking after orphans. These nuns are armed and dangerous.
The concept of Nun Attack is from your usual Sunday School Bible reading. Rougue Nun has a legion of demons and it is up to your own team of nuns to stop her and save the world. Well maybe not typical Sunday School stuff, but this is much better and much more likely to keep kids interested.
Nun Attack is essentially an action game that sees you battle various enemies on a series of single screen environments. You move between levels via a map that sees you navigate in a kind of reverse tower defense style, as you try and reach the portal for each new level, while fending off attacks from the sides.
The controls for the main battles are essentially a slide your finger to shoot mecahanic, making Nun Attack a game designed for the touch screen, which makes sense seeing as it was originally an Android game. The mechanics work really well and from the very opening level everything is fairly intuitive. Dragging you finger from a Nun to an area of the screen will see them move to the selected area. Drawing a line from Nun to enemy will see them unleash hell upon the selected baddie.
Each Nun has their own unique skills as part of the team. Eva is an all rounder who can create duplicates of herself to fool the enemy and gain an attacking advantage. Rosy is great for long range attacks, Olga is a big girl and can take a lot of damage, whilst also being effective at close range and Mandy, who is one of God’s healers, meaning she can heal the other Nuns, but the pay off is that she cannot deal much damage.
The skill is using the right combination of moves at the right time, balancing attacking and moving. Each Nun has a set of skills that benefits them, figuring out which to use and when seems easy at first, but as you progress you’ll find you need to really think about how you approach each level. It adds a lot of challenge to the game and keeps the repetitive nature from becoming too much to handle.
As is common with games of this type, you can level up and upgrade your team’s individual abilities, which is dependent on how well you complete the levels already played. Downed enemies will drop coins and you will need to tap the coins on the screen to collect them. Collected coins can then be spent in the upgrade menus. Basically, the better you do, the more you collect, the quicker you can upgrade, the easier the further levels become.
What really stands out is the game’s visual style. Graphics a wonderfully clear and crisp and the characters have been given a lot of life, with bright visuals with a cartoon styling. The game uses a lot of humour throughout and works well in tandem with the graphical style.
Nun Attack is available for a bargain price of £1.99 via the Playstation Store and for the price, you will be in for one hell of treat. A game that feels at home on smart phones has been perfectly ported to the PS Vita. Pick this up, enjoy it and confess your sins later.
Written by Bradley Marsh
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