Monday 11 April 2022

Nintendo Switch Roundup 8: Run and Gun

The Switch is absolutely full to the brim with platformers and Metrodivania games but the humble pleasure of the run and gun genre is also very much present and correct. It’s not as in fashion as it once was but there are still some excellent games out there for players looking to get their blasting fix. Here, we highlight some of our favourites.

Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome is basically an unofficial Contra game. It tough and intense and has a number of different weapons to try out as you blast your way around levels that pay homage to a whole host of retro games. The levels are constant call backs to other games in the genre including Contra itself and Super Star Wars. There’s even a reference to Mortal Kombat 3 in there. Luckily, Blazing Chrome backs up its constant references by being one of the best action games available on the Switch and Contra fans in particular should check it out.

Bro Force

Available on pretty much everything, the homage to 80’s action movies is still a riotous good time on the Switch. Most things in a level can be destroyed (including the ground), which allows for some creative destruction and drip releasing of new characters means there’s always something new to unlock and play with. The key gimmick comes where you don’t actually have a choice as to which of the Bro’s you are playing so you have to adapt on the fly.

All the best 80’s and 90’s action heroes are here including characters based on numerous Arnold  Schwarzenegger films, Rambo, Blade, Men in Black and even Macgyver. Each character plays differently and the crazy over the top action is perfect for short sessions of unequalled chaotic blasting.


Would you like to play a Neo Geo version of Turrican? Well here it is. Gunlord is very much from the ‘Amiga’ style of action platform games. It is basically Turrican in all but name and that’s no bad thing. The pixel art is exceptional and the action is excellent. It’s also a game that is incredibly difficult to get hold of on the original hardware so we are very happy that the time has been taken to bring it to the Switch. If you are looking for old-school style and challenge then Gunlord is the perfect game for you. It’s tough, but also great fun and a great pickup for those looking for a real retro throwback.

Not a Hero

A psychopathic rabbit names Bunnylord is running for election and he has hired a motley crew to assist him. Que a shot-gunning Scot who doesn't own a kilt, screeching Swansea lass, and Mike who is definitely not drunk, charging around levels blasting away in the most vicious way possible. If you like your games with dark humour and serious amounts of violence this could be the perfect game for you. The game moves at a crazy pace and you’ll also need to get used to the cover system in order to succeed.

Caution is the name of the game as one death and you are back to the start of the level to do the whole thing again. This can be frustrating but for the most part you’ll be having such a good time that it won’t bother you. Not a Hero is certainly one of the most unique takes on the genre and still holds up despite having been around for a fair while now.

Contra Anniversary Collection

The undoubted king of the run and gun genre can’t be overlooked on the Switch. The collection is excellent and is a compressive selection of the 8 and 16-bit games in the series. We are slightly disappointed that the games don’t all feature the ‘Probotector’ versions of the games (the second NES game in particular plays quite differently), but it’s a minor issues. You’ve got the original arcade versions of the first two games, the stunning SNES and Genesis games and the solid outings on the NES and Gameboy. It’s a must have for fans of the series or the genre as a whole.


This loud, brash and adrenaline fuelled thrill ride through the gang infested streets of a mega city is the best action game you’ve probably not heard of. Mixing pop culture references with the best platform shooter action since contra this game is a fun filled joy of a game. It’s one of the craziest games we’ve ever played and it’s truly magnificent and crazy and probably better than whatever you are currently playing. Buy it, don’t wait for a sale, buy it now.

We have a detailed look at Huntdown here –


Of course, if retro run and gun games are your thing you could always pick up one of the Turrican collections. The widely available version has the first two Amiga games and both Super and Mega Turrican on it. It’s a fairly bare bones package but the games remain solid and fans of the originals will love them. There’s also the two more limited versions of Turrican available from Strictly Limited Games which contains Directors Cut and Score Attack versions of the games, as well as Turrican 3 and Super Turrican 2. Great for hard core fans but the version with less games on should suffice for those just looking for a selection of old school classics.

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