Wednesday 12 June 2013

Twelve Games The Vita Still Needs

The Vita has found homes for a ton of new indie games recently, which has seen it's popularity within certain parts of the gaming community reach almost legendary levels. Before this, it was home to some excellent ports which drew many fight fans to it. It's certainly come a long way, but to our mind there is still much to do. Below are twelve games we think would be a perfect fit for the Vita.

     Super Street Fighter IV AE

For us, this is the single most obvious game currently missing from the Vita’s library. Still played heavily across the various online networks, a portable version of Street Fighter IV would be an essential purchase for many. Add in the idea of cross play with the PS3 and it suddenly becomes a case of sheer madness that every Vita owner isn’t playing it right now.


Just imagine what Journey would look like on that screen. Imagine you were having a bad day at work or stuck on a train. Having Journey available would act as the perfect panacea for everyday problems. Could this game aid world peace? We won’t know unless someone gets it onto the Vita. Flower is currently in development so hopefully this may happen sometime in the not too distant future.

      Pixel Junk Shooter 1 and 2

 Pixel junk Shooter’s inertia based gameplay was a breath of fresh air when it first graced the PS3. The use of liquids to solve puzzles coupled with excellent level design and an amazing soundtrack sets it out as one of the best exclusives available on Sony’s system. If it had been developed now we suspect it may well have been cross buy but that is no reason not to get it onto the hand held system.  While we’re on the subject it would be great to see Pixel Junk Side Scroller on the Vita as well.

  King of the Fighters XIII

A favourite around Retro101, we would love to see the latest entry in the King of Fighters series make the move to portable. Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom 3 show that multi character fighters can work on the system and this is better than both of those games. It may be a little passed the home system release but a spruced up version would certainly lend itself to hours of portable fighting.

   Xcom: Enemy Unknown

How can there be an iOS version of this being developed and not one for the Vita? The deep strategy and turn based gameplay is a perfect fit for portable play. While other games on this list may seem like pipe dreams we are astounded this isn’t already in development. We could see this as a system seller to certain gamers and if done well could show that AAA portable strategies titles have a future on the system.

     Super Meat Boy

This may be an unrealistic request but having Super Meat Boy available on the move could well turn out to be a system seller. The short sections of twitch gameplay perfectly fit a hand held system like the Vita. The only real problem would be the amount of handhelds flung across rooms and trains as you die on a level for the hundredth time.

      Dust: An Elysian Tail

To us, the Vita actually seems like Dust’s natural home. The gorgeous 2D graphics would come to life on the systems screen and its Metroidvania approach would fit perfectly with gamers on the go. It’s also one of the best digital games of the last year. We already have a version of Muramasa: The Demon Blade coming, but Dust is a different animal and deserves to be given the portable treatment. 

     Persona 4 Arena

With Persona 4 Golden available and acting to shift more Vitas than ever before it would be logical to assume that new fans and old would like to continue on the story. We already know the Vita can pull off amazing versions of flashy 2D fighting games so bringing the excellent Persona 4 Arena to it wouldn’t seem like a massive leap of faith to us.

   Mark of the Ninja

Speaking of massive leaps of faith, even though Mark of the Ninja seems to be staying put on the Xbox it would be an excellent game to have on the go. The level design and clear visual asthetic would create a great stealth experience on Vita. It would provide a type of game currently not available to Vita owners and above all is just an incredibly good game. If something could be worked out to get hold of it we would be first in line to buy.

   Geometry Wars

The only half decent portable version of Geometry wars is currently on the DS. The Vita could produce something visually and sonically special to equal the excellent Geometry Wars 2 on the Xbox. The clean visual style would seem even more vibrant on the screen and competition around the globe would likely go crazy as online scoreboards began to erupt with stupidly high scores. How can this not happen?

   Monkey Island / Broken Sword

If they can develop HD versions of both Monkey Island games for iOS there is no reason for them not to be on the Vita as well. Machiarium proved that point and click games can be done really well on the system so it would be great to see games like Broken Sword and Monkey Island make the leap. Who knows? It might even help kick start the genre again. 


Sega’s first foray into moving it’s Dreamcast games onto the Vita was a little shaky with Jet Set Radio looking great but not really fitting the strengths of the system. REZ on the other hand would be amazing. The visuals and sound would light up the Vita and it seems to the most obvious game from Sega’s recent move into HD versions of Dreamcast classics. If the boat has sailed on REZ then would happily settle for Child of Eden instead.

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  1. I would like Persona 4 Arena on Vita.It will be awesome!The rest of this list...I don't think they will sell more Vitas.I don't like them,as well I don't like "Vita indies'way".I did not buy this console to play more indies than "real production games".It's a shame.I hope Vita's way changes.