Saturday 29 June 2013

Two weeks in Animal Crossing

Every now and then we will have a round up of what is going on in the village of Retro101. It won't be that often so if you aren't a fan of the charming Nintendo game then it'll be easy to ignore. It'll also be done in pictures for the most part. So then, let's get you up to date with the events of the first few weeks.

The Summer Solstice arrived, but we had no friends around to share this standee with :(

We caught our first shark!

The captain revealed a little too much information.

The swindling 'art' dealer arrived.

The camp site was opened and there was much rejoicing.

Thanks to a friend we made a killing on Turnips.

We even got a badge to celebrate.

The camel turned up and promply annoyed Tom Nook.

And finally. The fortune teller told us our fortune lay around the 'standard top'

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