Monday 19 December 2022

Video Game Fables: Arena DLC

If you wanted a bit more of Momiji’s charming cut-out Video Game Fables, maybe this will do it. It’s not quite what you’d expect, which is very much in keeping with the rest of VGF. An arena mode seems like a bit of low-hanging fruit, but there’s enough twists here to make it a decent bolt-on, complimenting the main game well. A bit extra for existing players, and a bit of extra fat to appeal to prospective players.

The intrepid trio are back with their cheery bickering, those cut-out scamps, and can now (after a certain point in the main story) enter the arena. I very much enjoy the pallid Concierge who is a great guide to the new area. Rather than be a wave-based or boss-rush setup, the arena has limits on XP and progression through cups, so there are more choices here than just a series of standard fights taken out of context. In fact, there’s a sort of Running Man thing going on, where the fighting is observed on a TV show by the Nightmare Dimension.

You’ll encounter some familiar faces along the way and it provides an alternative angle to the original take on RPG combat that VGF had going for it. I didn’t stay too long with it, personally, as the story and design is what kept me interested in the core game, and new stickers are not my bag. This is, however, thoughtful DLC which works real nice. If you fancy a bit more of Tator, Aru and Nate, then this will be a cheery time.

Overall 6/10

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