Saturday 1 December 2012

Retro101 Returns !

It’s taken a while but Retro 101 is back and better than ever.

A new website and a host of new designs are giving Retro 101 a much needed shake up. The website is now much more flexible and allows articles to be published much more quickly and thus give you that nostalgic buzz more often. A host of new graphics created by talented young designers have also added a much needed identity for us.

The new look site is also integrated with YouTube. Here we will upload gameplay and retro video reviews so newcomers and retrobates alike can discover something new or enjoy games they used to play in a more visual way.

Keeping in touch with us has also never been easier. Our dedicated Twitter can be found at @retro101uk and you can also subscribe to the website via blogger, email or through RSS feeds.

Whichever way you want your retro gaming buzz Retro 101 should have it covered. So explore the sites, comment, follow, subscribe and get involved with a great community that loves retro games just as much as you do.

Gareth Chappell
Retro 101 Head Editor

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