Friday 18 September 2015

Kirby: Triple Deluxe Review (3DS)

As always with games starring the pink vacuum, Kirby Triple Deluxe arrived in Europe with little fanfare. This is a really shame as it certainly is a game worth shouting about. Comprising of a platform adventure and a handful of mini game modes this is arguably Kirby’s best ever outing. It’s also one of the most fun games in the 3DS library.

The story goes that one night a giant bean stalk starts growing in dreamland. When Kirby wakes up he finds himself in the sky land of Floralia and that King Dedede has been kidnapped by weird creature by the name of Taranza. Kirby sets out to save the day and find out exactly what all this means for Dreamland.

Recently, each Kirby game has offered up its own unique gimmick. We had the small puzzle like sections in Mouse Attack and the multiple Kirbys in Mass Attack and now there is the super ultra-vacuum ability that sends Kirby rainbow coloured and allows him to consume just about everything in his path. Huge creatures, bits of the level and even energy bars are not safe as the super hoover sucks its path of destruction. 

This is the most traditional Kirby platformer for a while and there are now around twenty abilities to copy from swallowing enemies. These include the new beetle ability that lets you slam enemies into the ground and the return of the super speedy wheel. Throughout the game there are a number of sections which make use of certain abilities and it keeps things varied and fun throughout.

Though it does take a little while to find its stride the level design is excellent. Along with making use of the different abilities there are also puzzles to solve and a fair amount of use is made of functions such as tilting the 3DS. You won’t be tapping away at the screen but what is here is implemented well and never outstays its welcome. Triple Deluxe also displays some of the best 3D effects on the system with a host of things (including Kirby), flying in, out and around the screen at every opportunity. In fact, we would recommend keeping the 3D slider up as things come at you on different layers and it can be difficult to tell what’s dangerous to you without it on.

Aside from the exceptional use of the 3D effect the graphical look of the game is of a high standard throughout. It remains in the colourful Kirby style while also showcasing a range of environments in the new Dreamstalk world. The sound is equally excellent with the music setting the scene perfectly and there’s never any doubt you are firmly in a Kirby world.

Aside from simply completing the levels there are also a host of things to find. The most crucial of these are sunstones as a certain amount are required in each world to access the boss battle at the end. Though we generally hate being forced to replay levels there was only one occasion when we reached the end of the world without enough stones to unlock the boss. The other collectables are keyrings which depict various characters from the history of the series. They don’t do anything in terms of gameplay but if you are of an obsessive nature there are more than enough to collect to keep you busy.

Kirby games have never been known for their difficulty and there is no change here. It’s certainly not pathetically easy but we didn’t die that often during our journey through the six worlds. You’ll have to be careful and some of the bosses put up a decent fight but it won’t stop a seasoned player for long. This isn’t really a major issue as the game remains fun throughout and there are enough extras to keep you busy. Completing the game unlocks a mode where you can then speed run it with King Dedede for instance and a boss gauntlet also becomes available which offers up a tougher final boss and extra cut scene as reward for completion.

Aside from the main game and unlockables there are two mini games included to make up the Triple Deluxe package. Kirby fighters is a Smash Brothers-like game where different ability Kirbys fight each other in a series of one on one matches. The second is a rhythm action game called King Dedede’s Drum Dash. Here you have to hit buttons to the beat to make Dedede jump and clap to the rhythm of various Kirby tunes as he makes his way through a level. Both games are great fun and Drum Dash is dangerously addictive.

Overall, Kirby Triple Deluxe is an imaginative and fun package comprising of an excellent main adventure and some fun and inventive mini games. It’s always throwing something new at you and there are plenty of things to unlock and find. If you’ve never really got on with Kirby games before then this could well be the one to change your mind. If you don’t find yourself having fun with the great design and smiling at all the little touches of humour then there’s really no hope for you.

Overall 8/10

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