Thursday 18 October 2012

Fast Food (Spectrum)

Fast Food is one of the more arcade style titles to feature Dizzy. Our hero is dropped into a number of different mazes and must collect food while avoiding monsters. The game plays out a little like a cross between Pac-man and Boulder dash, but keeps its own sense of identity as well.
In total there are thirty levels which get gradually harder as you progress. Anyone used to this type of game will easy race through the first twenty or so though. By the later levels you will have four different monsters racing around after you which each have their own characteristics (much like Pac-man). If you don’t concentrate you can easily find yourself trapped into a corner.
When you do get caught by a monster you start the level from the beginning again. This means that any food you picked up will have to be re-collected. Luckily there are a number of power ups to help you out. Dizzy can pick up shields which allow him to eat the enemy, speed up’s and speed down’s, a smart bomb style weapon and bottles which freeze the monsters for a short period. As well as these collectables the scenery can work in your favour with Small hedges allowing you to sneak through without monsters following you.
Every few levels you will receive an extra life which comes with a small animation of Dizzy outwitting a monster. These stack up early on but the tricky later levels will soon have you back down to a dangerously low amount.
Overall Fast Food is an enjoyable game. It is unlikely to take many fans away from the main Dizzy adventures, but it certainly acts as a nice break for ten minutes here and there. Even though the Spectrum version doesn’t have the graphical splendour of the Amiga it still manages to encapsulate the charm, fun and spirit of the game.


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